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IP CCTV Test Monitor
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ORION Images is a true manufacturer of LCD CCTV monitors. The Orion monitors are true Commercial Grade with FCC Class A Certification - Built to Run 24 x 7 x 365 continuously. Our monitors are designed, engineered and manufactured with CCTV PCB boards and circuitry making these the LCD solution for your security surveillance.
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3.5 inch touch screen, 480 x 320 resolution
Capacitive touch screen, OSD menu
Touch screen and key operation
Built-in WiFi, wireless network camera test
Digital camera image test and video image zoom, record, screen snapshot, photo viewer and playback
BNC input & output, both IP & Analog images could be zoomed in 1 ~ 4 times and output
ONVIF / WiFi, ONVIF PTZ control, built in WiFi to receive the network image and data
Video screen snapshot, video recording, file name and save, easy to find
Support network PTZ controller (ONVIF)
MPEG-4, H.264, MPEG / MPEG IP camera image test
Support 1080p HD video files and MKV / MP4 media files play
PTZ controller, Photograph, Video record, Record playback
Digital Multi-meter, Voltage, Current, resistance and capacitance measuring, continuity testing, diode testing
Color bar generator, analog video color bar and testing image output
POE voltage measurement, PING test, IP address scan, port flashing etc
Audio in / out
LED lamp, calculators, music players and other application tools
Lithum Ion Polymer battery, working time lasts 8 hours
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Product Description
ORION Images new IP & Analog test monitor TMIP35A is developed for the on-site installation and maintenance of IP, analog camera. Also this CCTV test monitor developed for video system installer with IP & Analog video display, PTZ control, DC12V output power, audio, color pattern generator, RS-485 data searching and cable testing. This unit has functions include POE voltage testing, PING testing, IP address scan, video screen shot, video record, image magnification, port flicker, cable search, LED lamp etc. The TMIP35A is designed for easy operation and portable to carry for the technician or installer, which helps improve work efficiency by reducing time in the field.
Product Specification
  TMIP35A IP & Analog Test Monitor
 Display  Screen Size & Resolution 3.5 inch digital TFT-LCD / 480 x 320 (RGB)
 LCD Adjustment Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustable
 Screen Touch Screen
 Analog Video Test  Signal Mode NTSC / PAL (Auto adapt)
 Video In / Out 1 ch BNC input & 1 ch output
 Video Output Mode 1.0 Vp-p
 IP Video Test  Video In (RJ45) ONVIF Compliant Video
 Video Level Test  Level Test Video signals measured in IRE or mV
 HDMI Output Max. 1920 x 1080 resolution
 PTZ Controller  Communication Support RS232 and RS485
 Braud Rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200 bps
 PTZ Protocol Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc.
 Video Signal
 Color Bar Generator Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable (red, green, blue, white and black color)
 UTP Cable Tester  UTP Cable Test Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen. Read the number of the test box.
 Power Output  DC 12V Power Output Output DC12V 1A power for camera
 Audio Input Test  Audio Input Test Test the pick up and other audio equipment on the front end
 RS485 Data
 Data Monitor Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device
 10x Zoom Image  Image 10x Zoom 10x zoom image display and video out
 Video Record,
 Record Playback
 Photograph Snapshot and save the current image as JPG file
 Video Record Video record and storage the file
 Record Playback To view the storage file in the SD card
 Port Flicker  Port Flicker Find the connected PoE port quickly
 Power  Power Adapter DC 5V (2A)
 Battery Built-in 3.7V Lithium polymer battery, 3000mAh
 Rechargeable After charging 3 ~ 4 hours, working time lasts 8 hours
 Low Consumption Energy saving technology, the battery icon real-time display
 Enviornment  Working Temperature -10° C ~ +50° C / 14° F ~ 122° F
 Working Humidity 30% ~ 90%
 General  Dimension (Inch) 7.64" x 4.41" x 1.89"
 Weight (lbs) 1.19 lbs
  *Design and Specs are subject to change without any notice
Product Dimension
TMIP35A IP & Analog Test Monitor
Product View
TMIP35A IP & Analog Test Monitor
TMIP35A IP & Analog Test Monitor
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