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Ceiling Mount
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ORION product is designed and developed specially for security surveillance application. FCC class A commercial grade displays are equipped to run 24 x 7 x 365 CONTINUOUSLY.
CMH-01 (Elliptical Ceiling Mount)
Supports a single flat-panel 37" - 63"
Ultra-thin design keeps center of gravity close to flat-panel to reduce deflection
Swing 360°, Tilt -/+ 15°
VESA compliant 400 x 200mm, 400 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm up to 800 x 400mm
Extend from 41.3 inch to 63.8 inch
Max weight capacity 165 lbs
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Product Description
Orion's CMH-01 Ceiling Mount is the latest mounting innovation. Designed from the ground up as universal ceiling mounts, the CMH-01 do not require any additional adapters or accessories to accommodate displays from 37" to 63" LCD monitors.
Product Specification
  Color Black
  Display Range 37"-63"
  Weight Capacity 165 lbs. (75kg)
  Tilt +/-15°
  Swing 360°
  Mounting Pattern 400 x 200mm (Min) - 800 x 400mm (Max)
  *Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice
Product Dimension
CMH-01, Ceiling Mount
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