ORION Images is a true manufacturer of LCD & LED CCTV monitors. The ORION Images monitors are true Commercial Grade with FCC Class A Certification – Built to Run 24 x 7 x 365 continuously. Our monitors are designed, engineered and manufactured with CCTV PCB boards and circuitry making these the LCD solution for your security surveillance.

Core i7 Processor
Windows 7 / 64 bit
Rack Mount 4U Case with Front Lock
Expandable HD Inputs and Outputs
Multiple Video Wall Configurations
Outputs Maximum 2560 x 1600 at 60Hz Resolution
Display Multiple Input Sources
Interactive Desktop Control and Configuration
Audio Playback for HDMI Source
Size and Position any Window
IP Camera Support
Stream a Source Over the Network
Displays Video Clip and Photos in Windows 7


The OIC-MP Series is the latest addition to our wall controller systems. The OIC-MP Series is the perfect solution for when multiple sources must be shareed in a collaborative enviornment for video capture for streaming, recording or presentation applications. The video capture card provides a high performance high density video capture solution for mission-critical applications that require high capture bandwidth. The video wall is ideal for a command center, traffic management, financial institutions, power and utilities, security and entertainment.


ORION Images OIC-MP series Multiviewer video wall system provides the user friendly application tool (Controller Software) to set up your screen layout need.


OIC-MP OIC-MP404, 808 OIC-MP812, 1616
  Server Chassis 4U Black Chassis
  Power Supply 500W Redundant Power Supply
  Operating System Window 7 Professinal
  Processor Intel Core i7
  System Bus 1333 MHz
  CD / DVD 18x DVD-RW ROM Drive
  Network Card Integrated Intel PRO 10 / 100 / 1000 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  Video Card Onboard Video (VGA Output)
  Motherboard Chipset Intel Chipset
  PCI Slots 5 PCIe Slots 9 PCIe Slots
  System RAM 8 GB DDR3 16 GB DDR3
  Storage 120 GB SSD
  Input Card 4 Channel HD Capture Card (Up to 2) 4 Channel HD Capture Card (Up to 4)
  Input Card Source DVI
  DMA Bandwith MB/s Per Card 800 MB/s per capture processor, 3.2 GB/s total
  Frame Buffer MB 4 x 256
  Audio Supported Audio supported only for HDMI Input
  Output Card 4 Channel Output Card (Up to 2) 4 Channel Output Card (Up to 4)
  Output Type 4 x Display Port 1.1a video ports providing up to 359M pixels/s at 24bit (eg 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz)
  Power 115V, 12A Input
  Cooling 1 Processor Fan, 2 x 120mm Fans 2 x 120mm Fans
  Case Dimensions (W H D) 19.0″ x 7.0″ x 21.0″ 19.0″ x 7.0″ x 19.65″
  Accessories Optical Mouse, DP to DVI adapters and Keyboard
  Weigth 45 lbs 55 lbs
  *Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice


Video wall controller displays the desktop of the unit that is being controlled. It allows you to remotely display Vision, IP Camera and application Windows across a network on another unit or locally on the same unit.