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About Orion
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About Orion
Who we are
ORION Images Corporation (OIC) leads the industry in the design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use in demanding 24/7/365 operation. Built in our ISO 9001 certified factory OIC monitors are designed to meet the diverse needs of CCTV, Pro A/V and Commercial users. Our manufacturing facility is located in Korea and our global headquarter is in Westminster, California. We have emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers in the development and design of PCB's and LCD monitors. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we have the experience and buying power to provide state of the art monitors with the best technology available by using only the highest quality and most reliable components at competitive prices.
What we do
We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing LCD commercial displays targeting a diverse range of market segments. Offering world class value, reliability and innovative technology in a wide range of screen sizes from 2.5" up to 70" OIC can provide your business with the products necessary to stand apart in today's market. Our highly specialized team is uniquely skilled in customizing monitors offering extensive expertise in consulting, design & build, custom development and support to fit into a variety of applications.
Why do Business with Orion
Our monitors are not built like your traditional consumer monitors that are to be turned off every 8 10 hours and can only be warranted in residential applications. Our monitors are built to run 24 / 7 / 365 continuously with FCC Class A commercial grade certification backed by a 2 year standard warranty. We have strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to control the quality of our products and processes every step of the way. We are flexible and respond quickly to ever changing market needs with new products designed and developed by our local in house engineering & design staff. Our team of customer service specialists provide the absolute best service possible. OIC continues to build on its reputation for superior technology, innovative solutions, competitiveness, performance and reliability.
Market Segmants
Retail, Financial, Transportation & Transit, Command & Control Centers, Defense & Military, Government, Energy & Utilities , Gaming, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Malls, Public Venue, Leisure, Hospital, Public Safety, Health Care, Museums High Technology Stores, Educational Facilities and much more.
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